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Toward a Closer Walk

Over the past several years a powerful trend has swept over the country.  It’s much more than a trend to many people; it’s a way of life.  That way of life is to diligently prepare.  It is simply referred to as “prepping”.  Prepping for what?   People “prep” for many different reasons: solar flares, tsunamis, civil unrest, economic collapse, pandemics, or any other calamity that might befall us.

Maybe that’s you. Maybe you’ve spent countless hours planning that quick exit to the country. Or maybe your supply of ramen noodles has overflowed into your garage.  Do you have cases of peanut butter? Cartons of wipes? It’s not a bad idea to have a good supply of necessities. In fact, Prov. 21:20 says, “The wise store up choice food and olive oil, but fools gulp theirs down.” For many people however, the most important prepping is too often neglected.

What about our spiritual prepping? Are we as worried about storing up God’s word in our hearts as we are storing up canned foods? Do we think about our mansion in heaven as much as that ideal cabin in the country? Do we think more about a vaccine for COVID-19 than the vaccine for sin which is the blood of Jesus spilt for us on calvary?

Dear Jesus, may we never neglect the most important preparation of all—the preparation to meet you!

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