Worship is one of the most important activities we engage in. It strengthens the relationship we have with God in ways that no other endeavor can. Our corporate worship brings us into God’s very presence – into His Holy sanctuary. As we worship in His presence, we are filled with gratitude for His wonderful gift of an eternal loving relationship with Him, we become aware of our great need for His leadership in our lives, and we are awed by His great power, majesty, and glory. This is why we endeaver to incorporate three of the most important aspects of worship into our service: adoration, submission, and reverence.
Adoration – It is human nature to take on the characteristics of those we greatly admire. When sons admire their fathers they want to grow up to be like them; likewise, daughters often identify with their mothers and develop those characteristics they admire most. Worshipping God with adoration imparts upon us a desire for a transformed character and prompts us to become more Christ like in our daily lives.
Submission – It is natural for us to try to make life better for ourselves. We constantly look for ways to fulfill our own wants, needs, and desires. This is a major focus in our lives. Unfortunately, this often influences our worship - we seek to please ourselves in how we worship. But for worship to fulfill its purpose, it’s important for us to spend consecrated time with our eyes firmly focused on God and what He wants. What is it that He desires from our worship? What pleases Him? Only when we are willing to submit to His desires will our worship be the fulfilling experience He intends it to be.
Reverence – As we bow before the King of the Universe we come to realize our true position before God. While we are sons and daughters of God, we are not equals with Him. The great heavenly hosts bow reverently before His throne and we seek to join them in worshipping Him with profound respect and humility.