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Toward a Closer Walk

Choices with Every Heartbeat

Two coins in Papa’s hand – a nickel, and a dime. A two-year-old child is given the choice to keep whichever one he wants. The child, of course, takes the nickel because it’s bigger. In order to put proper value on something you need to know what it’s worth. What it’s worth is also determined by the value an individual places on it. Take a piece of furniture for instance. If it was purchased at a garage sale that is one thing, but if it was handed down through the family and is considered an heirloom, one might place greater value than it could even be sold for at auction or in an antique store. I have one such piece. It belonged to my grandparents, given to my dad and now I have it. It is a sturdy old oak rocking chair with lion heads carved in the armrests. It has been reupholstered at least two or three times. It is of value to me because of the fond memories I have of being rocked to sleep in it when I was a little guy and also all the discussion about its value to the family as I was growing up.


Our relationships in the church are something we highly value particularly as we have been struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic. We have taken for granted connecting with our church family each Sabbath and then suddenly our churches are closed to assembly not because of religious freedoms taken away but for the safety of our church family. We now would give almost anything (so to speak) to just have things the way they were pre-COVID-19.


Until we come to the point where we place serious value on Jesus life, death, resurrection, ascension to heaven, His High Priestly work in the heavenly sanctuary, and His promised second coming, the things we do in life will probably just go on without much change. But when we learn to appreciate, yes, to highly value, Jesus’ gift of salvation, it takes on a whole new significance. Now everything we say and do is influenced by our relationship with Him. We begin asking ourselves the question, “Is my life making God look good to those around me?”


Paul, writing to the church in Colossi, shares a really significant thought (Colossians 1:27), To them (His saints) God willed to make known what are the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles: which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.” Paul is talking here about deep insights into our character and who God has designed you and I to be. The transformed life reveals God’s glory. Whoever thought I (you too) could become the changed person God designed me (you) to be. The changed life becomes the greatest testimony and witness for Jesus (my everyday life is my very best witness).


Two coins – a nickel and a dime. Two ways of life: continuing as we have with no change or the deeper character transforming ways God is desiring for us. The choice is ours. Jesus is coming soon. Let’s live like we really believe it.


Father God, I want to be the changed person you are calling me to be. Please help me to be surrendered to your will and allow the Holy Spirit to work in me, transforming me into Your character – Your Image. In Jesus Name, amen.

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