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Toward a Closer Walk

The Day After Effect

After COVID-19 and rioting for justice, then what? What does the day after effect mean for our churches? Along with many businesses, we have now been closed to "church as normal" for many months.


We all agree that our lifestyle, spiritual focus, and mission must continue in a positive way. How do we apply the lessons we have learned during this time to our lives individually and as a church?


We have learned that the church is “a church of small groups, not a church with small groups.”


Because of that, we have learned how to navigate the learning curve of internet technology. Zoom rooms have become our new normal. It has become an excellent way to keep members of our small groups in touch with one another. It has enabled us to teach principles of God’s word and stay away from politics in a world that has become politically toxic, highly divisive, opinionated, and deeply distrusting.


We have learned that people today need Jesus more than ever; however, they need a complete Jesus, not an incomplete one.


Many major events in history have been shown to have a day after effect and become a point of reference for our lives: 9/11, Pearl Harbor, the assassination of JFK are just a few in point.  In many ways life returned to normal after these events; however, in some ways our lives were forever changed.


The big question we must ask ourselves now is about our lives as disciples of Christ. How will they be changed?  


In II Peter 3:11 (CEV) Peter challenges us, “Everything will be destroyed.  So you should serve and honor God by the way you live.”

  1.  Since COVID-19 has produced isolation, we need to be praying for community.
  2. Since COVID-19 caused social distancing, let us pray for Christian unity. If we have learned anything through this experience, it is that we really need each other.
  3. Since COVID-19 has forced innovation in communication, let us pray that our technology will be used for the evangelization of the world around us.  Matthew 24:14 says “This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations and then the end will come.”  


Jesus will come and take us all home to be with Him forever.


Father God, please help us to allow you to show us the way forward. In Jesus name, amen


Pastor Bill and Cheryl Lindeman

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