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Toward a Closer Walk

The Beauty of God's Image

Last Sabbath my sermon was entitled “We Are One.” My Text was from Galatians 3:26-29. My point was that we all come from one source, Adam and Eve, and that there is really only one race - the Human Race displayed in many colors.


Just a few minutes ago I watched a short Good Morning America video clip from April 3, 2009 that shocked me. It began by reporting on African-American psychologists Kenneth and Mamie Clark’s 1940’s experiment in which very young African-American children when given identical white and black dolls. 63% said they’d rather play with the white doll and 44% said that the white doll looked more like them. What a tragedy for their self-worth. When the experiment was done again in 2009 it was reported by Harvard University Professor, William Julius Wilson, that 100% of the boys said that both the black and white dolls were the prettiest and 47% of the girls said the white doll was prettiest.


I thank God for the changes that are happening, but … If God makes no distinction and states in Acts 17:26 that “…from one man He made all nations…” then why is it that these beautiful black girls don’t want to be who they are? Something in our society, including our homes, schools, churches, and media is causing them to not like who they are. I realize that all influences are a part of who we become. Somehow our little ones need to know that they are beautiful just as God made them. The greatest influence begins in the home with what they hear, see, and read. There should be no place in our schools, churches and media that should present anything else.


Lord God please help us as we navigate through the rough waters of hate, inequalities, bias, and prejudice. May our homes and churches present God’s love to all we connect with and always make God look good. In Jesus name, Amen.

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