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Get Off My Neck - I Can’t Breathe

The heartbreaking chilling story of the untimely, unfortunate, and unnecessary death of George Floyd is ringing in our mind. Our hearts go out to his family as they grieve his loss.


Satan has his knee on the neck of humanity since he influenced our parents, Adam and Eve, to rebel against God and eat the forbidden fruit. He is crushing the life right out of us by telling us we are not good enough and that we deserve whatever circumstances in life we find ourselves in.


Jesus took our place. The knee of Satan crushed down upon the neck of our Savior and took the life of the Son of God. Jesus died on the cross for our sins. He took our place and rose from the grave condemning Satan and all he stands for.


Jesus wants us to know that we can have eternal life by recognizing our need of a Savior and accepting His sacrificial death on the cross (2Peter 3:9, John 3:16). I know this won’t restore George Floyd to his family but at the same time we are promised that He, Jesus, will make all things right (Romans 12:9).


Lord God, please be with the family George Floyd and all others who have suffered such treatment. Give them wisdom and strength to deal with their loss. Please bring justice to the forefront, equality to all mankind, and peace to our communities. In Jesus name, Amen


Come quickly Lord Jesus!


God Bless you each, Pastor Bill Lindeman

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