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Ministry Job Descriptions

Adventist Singles - Quick Start
Adventure Club Director
Adventure Club Director - Quick Start
Bible Study Ministry
Caregivers Ministries - Quick Start
Children's Ministries Coordinator
Church Clerk
Church Clerk - Quick Start
Community Services Director
Deacons and Deaconesses
Disabilities Ministries Coordinator
Family Ministries Coordinator
Family Ministries - Quick Start
Finance Committee - Quick Start
Greeters Ministry - Quick Start
Health Ministries Leader
Health Ministries - Quick Start
Health Ministries Resource Catalog
Hospitality Ministry
Inner City Coordinator
Investment Leader
Literature Ministries Coordinator
Men's Ministry Director
Men's Ministry - Quick Start
Music Ministry
Nominating Committee - Quick Start
Older Adult Ministries - Quick Start
Pathfinder Club Director
Pathfinder Club Director - Quick Start
Personal Ministries Leader
Personal Ministries - Quick Start
Planning Committee
Prayer Ministries - Quick Start
Prison Ministries - Quick Start
Prospect Care Coordinator
Prospect Coordinator - Quick Start
Public Campus Ministries - Quick Start
Public High School Ministries - Quick Start
Reconnecting Ministries - Quick Start
Religious Liberty Leader
Religious Liberty - Quick Start
Sabbath School - Adult Superintendent
Sabbath School - Adult Superintendent - Quick Start
Sabbath School - Adult Class Teacher
Sabbath School - Adult Class Teach - Quick Start
Sabbath School Secretary
Sabbath School Secretary - Quick Start
Sabbath School - Children's Leader
Sabbath School - Children's Assistant Leader
Sabbath School - Children's Teacher
Sabbath School - Young Adult Assistant
Seminar Coordinator
Small Group Leader
Social Committee
Stewardship Leader
Stewardship - Quick Start
Stewardship Resource Catalog
Treasurer - Quick Start
Vacation Bible School Director
Vacation Bible School - Quick Start
Visitation Team
Women's Ministries Leader
Women's Ministries - Quick Start
Women's Ministries Resource Catalog
World Mission Coordinator
Young Adult Ministries Coordinator
Young Adult Ministries Resource Catalog
Youth Ministries Coordinator
Youth Ministries - Quick Start
Youth Ministries Resource Catalog